WRC 8 Seems Inspired by Codemasters' F1 Games, and That's Good

After a year on the backburner KT Racing’s ever-improving WRC series is back for 2019 and, based on a recent hands-on with it, I’m optimistic about its return.

The natural comparison for the current WRC series is Codemasters’ revered Dirt franchise, and it’s a fair one. Buoyed by decades of off-road pedigree the Dirt games are generally regarded as the best contemporary rally games available, so it makes sense to assess any other aspiring rally racer with that in mind.

While I’ll reserve the more exhaustive analysis for the review, WRC 8 is certainly coming out swinging. WRC 8 will contain more than 100 stages across 14 countries, and this time around there’s dynamic weather. The refurbished physics have improved the driving feel noticeably, too – especially on a control pad. On default settings, at least, WRC 8 seems to have shed WRC 7’s control pad twitchiness; countersteering and course correcting feels a bit less deadly but overall it’s still nice and responsive. KT Racing has even included classic rally cars at long last, though there’s only a small handful in the preview build and it’s unclear whether the retro roster will expand much in time for release.

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Source: IGN

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