Skybolt Zack is a rhythm-platformer that requires a mastery I can't give it

One Finger Death Punch is one of the most satisfying games ever made. It’s a brawler in which one button attacks enemies to your left, and another attacks enemies to your right. With these simple controls, you tap-tap-tap your way through approaching waves of enemies while your stickman protagonist spins, kicks, punches and slices away in the center of the screen. You slip into a flow state of comfy destruction, and then it starts to cannily layer new things into the mix that require your attention. There are enemies that require multiple taps, then enemies that must be tapped in a certain order, then projectiles that must be tapped out of the air, and so on. It gradually extends your reflexive ability to respond to the chaos on screen, until you enter into a state of hyper-awareness. After this, returning to levels that seemed frantic an hour ago reveals them to be plodding bores. They are beneath you.

This is a post about Skybolt Zack though, which is not one of the most satisfying games ever made. I still think it might be quite good, however. But only if you’re better than me at games.


Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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