Priceless Play – 24 August 2019

Whenever I go a week without writing a Priceless Play, my head goes a little fuzzy. It has become a part of my weekly routine and when I take a week off here and there to tend to other writing commitments, I feel a little lost. When I load back up again, my fingers feel a little clumsy, as if I have lost the rhythm of things.

I have been reading and writing a lot about grief, loss, and mourning lately. Not necessarily the profound sense of grief following the death of a loved one, but instead a profound and ongoing melancholy which can pervade a community, or colour a prolonged period of time. It isn’t the most cheerful corner of my research, but it is generative.

Here are some games which remind me of that sort of unknowable melancholy.


Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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